Patient Engagement and Chronic Care Management
A Meaningful Use, MACRA and ACO Solution
With iBlueButton Professional, receive on your iPad either in the clinic, or remotely in a telemedicine encounter, an up to date medical history transmitted by your patients' iBlueButton app with a Medicare Blue Button generated 3-year medical history with problem and medication lists, detailed encounters, test and procedures, and providers contact information received from your Medicare patients under Chronic Care Management or in your ACO. A 2-way mobile exchange platform, iBlueButton allows you to transmit patient instructions, images or videos, back to your patients.

Attest to MU and MACRA Patient Engagement Requirements
With their patients’ use of the Direct enabled iBlueButton app, any provider using the Direct messaging service associated with a 2014 certified EHR can simply “push” a summary care record (SCR) or transition of care (TOC) record to their patients’ iBlueButton app. This Direct transmission of a record summary to patients’ iBlueButton app on their mobile devices, can immediately take place in the clinic or before a hospital discharge, and qualifies for attestation of the MU View/Download /Transmit (V/D/T) patient engagement EHR requirement and MACRA/MIPS. With iBlueButton, patient engagement requirements can be met without relying on patient's use of a patient portal. A standard-based technology, iBlueButton works with current EMR standards (Direct, CCDAs) and upcoming standards with the use of proprietary and open APIs (e.g. FHIR). iBlueButton also gives patients “one tap” access to patient specific education resources, with specific medication or diagnosis look up through MedlinePlus.

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