A Patient-Centered Mobile Health Platform with Real World Data to Transform Clinical Trials and Pharmacovigilance

iBlueButton is a U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Industry Innovation multi-award winning mobile health platform, and the US market leader of consumer-mediated exchange technologies whereby consumers enable personal health data exchange at every point of care.

Standards Based
BlueButton allows users to securely pull (via FHIR and other APIs) or receive (via the DIRECT secure messaging federal EMR data exchange standard) and aggregate on their mobile devices e-health records from Medicare, Medicaid, VA, TRICARE/DoD, and federally certified EMR systems for them to annotate and securely store their health history on their personal mobile devices. The iBlueButton app can parse, decode and display these health records regardless of their structured format (including C32 CCDs from VA and DoD, HL7 C-CDAs from EMRs, or coded ASCII text files from Medicare).

EMR & Claims Data
The iBlueButton platform is now offered for deployment by the pharmaceutical industry to transform clinical trials and post marketing surveillance with patient-driven real world data for value-based healthcare. The iBlueButton mobile platform, under license can be white labelled and customized for your organization.

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