Patient Engagement and Chronic Care Management for Providers/ACOs, Payors and Employers


To Manage the Care of Medicare Patients
From your patient using the iBlueButton application either in the clinic, or remotely in a telemedicine encounter, get their up to date medical history with a Medicare Blue Button® generated 3-year medical history with problem and medication lists, detailed encounters, test and procedures, and providers contact information received from your Medicare patients under Chronic Care Management or in your Accountable Care Organization (ACO).


To Attest to Meaningful Use (MU) and MACRA Requirements
With your patients’ use of the DIRECT enabled iBlueButton app, using the DIRECT messaging service of your 2014 certified EMR, simply “push” a summary care record or transition of care record to your patients’ iBlueButton app. This DIRECT transmission of a record summary to patients’ iBlueButton app on their mobile devices, can immediately take place in the clinic or before a hospital discharge, and qualifies for attestation of the MU View/Download /Transmit patient engagement EHR requirement and MACRA/MIPS. With iBlueButton, patient engagement requirements can be met without relying on patient's use of a patient portal. A standard-based technology, iBlueButton works with current EMR standards (DIRECT, CCDAs, APIs, FHIR). iBlueButton also gives patients “one tap” access to patient specific education resources, with specific medication or diagnosis look up through MedlinePlus.

Interoperability and Value-Based Care
iBlueButton is a mobile health information exchange solution to better engage patients, Medicare beneficiaries, Veterans, Tricare and commercial plan enrollees. iBlueButton ensures more cost-effective health care in filling gaps left by provider-centric health information exchange solutions. With iBlueButton, consumers are empowered as direct connectors to their Blue Button and other EHR summary records for them to “pull” from the data source or directly and securely receive by “push” technology on their mobile devices from DIRECT or FHIR API enabled EMR of HIE systems. iBlueButton is an interactive tool for individuals to review, research, and annotate their records with the ability to transmit these records right from their mobile devices, when needed at the point of care.

To Empower Plan Enrollees
Empower your program beneficiaries and plan enrollees with a mobile lifesaving and care coordination solution for more cost-effective healthcare. A dual app system for patients and providers to use at the time of a physical encounter or during a telemedicine session.

iBlueButton for Life Sciences

To Transform Clinical Trials
iBlueButton is a patient-centered mobile health platform with real world data to transform clinical trials and pharmacovigilance for value-based healthcare. The iBlueButton mobile platform, under license can be white labelled and customized for your life sciences organization.

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