Your Health in your Own Hands, Anytime and Anywhere
The revolutionary iBlueButton app gives you control over your healthcare and that of your loved ones by making available on your mobile device Blue Button and other health records from Medicare, the VA, TRICARE, some State Medicaid plans, and health records sent by doctors or hospitals. iBlueButton also lets you share records with your physicians, no matter where you see them, directly from your Android phone or iOS device to your healthcare provider’s iPad running the iBlueButton Professional app.

Life and Cost Saving
iBlueButton helps you prevent dangerous medical errors by delivering anytime-anywhere access to your list of current medications, diagnoses, and medical history, along with contact information for your physicians and family caregivers. iBlueButton reduces unnecessary costly or redundant tests, imaging services, and procedures by sharing your past tests and procedures with your doctors.

All in your Hands
iBlueButton pulls and organizes all records in a Summary Record, pulling all critical information in easy to view sections for medications, conditions, immunizations, and allergies.

You In Control
iBlueButton gives you control over your family health records and makes them available at any time on your own private mobile device. With iBlueButton you can look up, research, and annotate medications and side effects, understand obscure medical terminology, and be informed to effectively manage your family’s healthcare with your physicians. With the tap of a button, you can also note medical record errors or mark sensitive information you may not want to share with some providers as private.

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